Shark Cage Diving, Great White Shark Jumping, Air jaws in Gansbaai.

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About Us

Shark Adventures is a licensed cage diving operators owned by Theunis Esterhuizen. Let us assist you with the booking of your trip to South Africa.

Education and protection of the Great White Shark is of the utmost importance to us. Sharks are often portrayed as this man-eating monster of the seas but by exercising proper education procedures we can protect the white shark successfully.

Shark Adventures operates from Gordons Bay, which is +-50km outside Cape Town. We comply with the strictest code of conduct and safety for both diver and shark as laid down by our local Marine & Coastal Management. Shark Adventures operates in a responsible and Eco-friendly way. The Great White Shark is not harmed in any matter nor is the environment polluted.

Theunis Esterhuizen

Theunis started after almost three decadesí experience as a diver, underwater hunter and captain. He has been captaining boats for 25 years and diving seriously for the past 30 years.

He started snorkelling when he was nine-years-old and did his first open water scuba diving course in the mid 1980s. He started underwater hunting and began competing, at first locally and then internationally, in spearfishing events. During this time, he began to come across great white sharks.

Despite numerous close calls and losing a friend whilst diving, presumably to a great white, as well as having another bitten right in front of him, he has not lost interest in these phenomenal predators, only gaining more respect and admiration for these remarkable creatures.

11 Faure Street, Gordons Bay | Mobile : +27 83 225 7227 | Email:

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