Shark Cage Diving, Great White Shark Jumping, Air jaws in Gansbaai.

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Shark Adventures is based in GORDONS BAY and mainly goes to Seal Island in False Bay or to Dyer Island at Gansbaai. Depend on our expertise to take you where shark numbers and conditions are best.

False Bay

False Bay got its name from seafarers who thought they had rounded the tip of the African continent. This huge bay stretches from Cape Point at the tip of the Cape Peninsula along the southern coast to Gordon’s Bay.

Charming villages and coastal ports include Simon’s Town, Fish Hoek and Muizenberg, as well as Strand and Gordon’s Bay.

The bay is famous for excellent sightings of whales, sharks, dolphins, seals and birds – and a popular destination for various watersport enthusiasts.

Seal Island

Seal Island in False Bay in South Africa, is home to the, “Flying white sharks” as seen on the Discovery Channel special, “Air Jaws”.

This is our main destination on most trips, situated about 35km south of Cape Town. As the name suggests – this island is named after the thousands of Cape fur seals who live on the island. The seals attract scores of predators, especially sharks like the great white. The Submarine (White shark of 6m) is well known in Seal Island and that is what the island became famous for. Seal Island is home to seal colony and it is merely a 30-40 minutes away from Cape Town.

This is where the sharks exhibit the highly unusual behaviour of breaching – leaping through the air to pursue their prey. This phenomenan is mainly due to the unique topography surrounding Seal Island in False Bay. This is also where Shark Adventures practices most of it's White Shark cage diving activities.


Gansbaai is a two-hour drive away from Cape Town (180km).

Dyer Island

Dyer Island is a small rocky island close to the fishing village of Gansbaai, on the Southern Cape coast of South Africa.

The boat actually leaves from Kleinbaai; this is just outside the town of Gansbaai.

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