Shark Cage Diving, Great White Shark Jumping, Air jaws in Gansbaai.

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Most Popular Tour

By far our most pupular tour on offer for White shark encounters, is our COMBINATION TRIP which consist OF White shark NATURAL PREDATION, White shark BREACHING and then CAGE DIVING, all in one trip. Seal Island in False Bay is the only venue on the globe that can offer such a combination trip with a high degree of success during our peak season which is from mid-March through to mid-September.

It is the place to be, if you are an enthusiast and are interested to witness the white shark in totality. Allow us to guide you there and to give you an intimate insight of the natural behaviour of Great White sharks in their natural and unspoilt environment and the amazing predator/prey interaction between white sharks and cape fur seals. Seal Island in False Bay is home to the flying white sharks as portrayed in the very popular, "Air Jaws", that was shot on location. If you see these animals at work, hunting for their prey, it will leave you in no doubt why they stand at the top of the food chain in our oceans.


We gather at our crew house in Gordons Bay for coffee, muffins, admin and a briefing while it is still dark at + - 06h00. The boat then departs for Seal Island at + - 06h30 to arrive approximately 45 minutes later while the oncoming day just starts allowing us to have a good all round view of the area surrounding the Island. It is during this early period of dawn whilst the light is still weak and light penetration into the water is still bad, that the sharks make the most of the prevailing conditions. We usually spend + - an hour just hovering around, waiting, as the light grows, to see some surface action. The moment we see action, we race over to get a close-up view and to witness a natural predation taking place.

Because of the very unique topographical nature of the sea bottom around Seal Island, the sharks go down to the bottom in waters ranging between 20 and 35 meters deep and patrol the outer perimeters of the Isalnd and adjacent area, waiting for Cape Fur seals to either leave the Island to go and feed, or to return to the Island to go and rest after a long hard hunt. Once a shark then either see's or senses an overhead swimming seal that is swimming on the surface, it will rush up from the deep to attack the seal with stealth, surprize and speed, its momentum causing it to sometimes fly 2.5 meters high completely out of the water. This style of hunting often results in incredible dogfights on the water surface between a white shark and its fleeing prey. In many cases the very nimble and acrobatic Cape fur seals, escape the initial attack.

But sometimes, even their best efforts can not keep them safe from escaping the chasing and hungry white shark in hot pursuiit. It is a real priviledge to witness nature, at its best.
After spending some time attempting to see natural predations taking place close-up, we put our own "Seal" into the water and tow it + - 20 to 30 meters behind the boat. This then often results in the sharks mistakenly attacking our decoy "Seal" at full speed from below, resulting them to BREACH the water + - 30 meters behind the boat. This is an amazing sight to see and will leave you gasping for air. Obviously this also affords incredible photographic opportunities for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

After + - an hour of attempting to get a breach, we usually go on anchor, put a minor scent trail in the water, attract a shark/s to the boat, lower the cage and commence with surface viewing around the boat and the actual cage dive. Trip duration is usually + - 6 hours. All diving equipment needed, is provided.

This combination trip in other words allows our guests to see the sharks in all its glory and what it is capable of, not only viewing them from the inside of a cage, therefore the popularity thereof.

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