Shark Cage Diving, Great White Shark Jumping, Air jaws in Gansbaai.

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Shark Adventures - Tours & Packages

Most Popular Tour

By far our most pupular tour on offer for White shark encounters, is our COMBINATION TRIP which consist OF White shark NATURAL PREDATION, White shark BREACHING and then CAGE DIVING, all in one trip. Seal Island in False Bay is the only venue on the globe that can offer such a combination trip with a high degree of success during our peak season which is from mid-March through to mid-September.

It is the place to be, if you are an enthusiast and are interested to witness the white shark in totality. Allow us to guide you there and to give you an intimate insight of the natural behaviour of Great White sharks in their natural and unspoilt environment and the amazing predator/prey interaction between white sharks and cape fur seals. Seal Island in False Bay is home to the flying white sharks as portrayed in the very popular, "Air Jaws", that was shot on location. If you see these animals at work, hunting for their prey, it will leave you in no doubt why they stand at the top of the food chain in our oceans.

Diving with Tiger Sharks

Join us on an unforgettable Tiger Shark diving expedition to photograph and study Tiger Sharks in the Indian Ocean off the coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Tiger Sharks are considered to be one of the most dangerous and difficult to find sharks in the world. Other species include dolphins, turtles, moray eels, potato bass, reef & pelagic fish, rays (devil, manta, bull, eagle etc) as well as Bull, Tiger, Guitar, Blackfin, Ragged Tooth and other sharks.

Great White shark cage diving

White shark cage diving excursions to Seal Island in False Bay starts from pictureque Gordons Bay, only 50 km's outside of Cape Town central, or from the lovely Kleinbaai harbour near Gansbaai, a two hour drive from Cape Town. Sharks are migratory and seasonal animals.

Rely on our knowledge and experience to advise you where shark numbers are best at the time of your visit, to assure your best chance of encountering these magnificent predators.

Join us on a 1-Day, or 8-Day diving trip. Allow us to assist you in making this an "Experience of a lifetime".

Great White Shark Natural Predation

The single most unique feature that differentiates the predatory activity at Seal Island in False Bay, is the way in which natural predation takes place.

No where else on the planet will you find a place to watch how white sharks during our winter months, make use of the hunting teqnique which they have perfected for the particular topography around Seal Island, in such regularity.

Great White Shark Breaching

Seal Island in False Bay, 30km south of Cape Town is by far the best place in the world to witness the spectacular phenomenon of great white shark breaching highly unusual behaviour, which occurs here with more frequency than anywhere else.

Whale Sharks / Manta Rays

If you want to dive with Whale sharks and graceful Manta Rays, allow us to either book you with, or to take you ourselves if you prefer, to the south of Mozambique to Inhambane to dive wth these incredible creatures.

It is our promise to you that we will only book you on a tour, if we have been there, done it ourselves, are wearing the T-shirts and were totally happy with the expereience that we had with an outside source. The warm clear waters of the Indian Ocean flowing from North to South in the Mozambique current, is a haven for these majestic sea animals.

We have dived there on numerous occasions and only work with people we now trust and have built up a good working relationship with. You will not be dissappointed if we take you on a 5 or 7 day tour to experience this. The best time of year for this is during summer months with best results between mid-October through to mid-April.

Whale Watching Tours

Experience a two hour Whale watching trip in Walker Bay, South Africa's Bay of the Whales.

During this trip you will often see whales, seals, sunfish, various seabird species as well as the possibility of the Great White Shark and some dolphins.

Shark Diving

We cover all types of shark diving activities which includes Great White Shark cage diving and diving with Ragged Tooth Sharks, Bull Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Free diving with Tiger Sharks, Whale Sharks and several other shark species without cages.

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