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White Shark Cage Diving Information

1. Seal Island - False Bay

Our main area of operation is Seal Island in False Bay. The peak season in False Bay for cage diving (Predation and Breaching) is from middle-March through to middle-September.

From middle-September through to mid-March however, we move operations down to our operational office in Kleinbaai, just outside Gansbaai and do trips to an area close to the famous Dyer Island. At both these venues, water visibility is on average much better during our winter season, I.e., mid-March through to mid-September.

Typical cage diving day at Seal Island in False Bay:

We meet at 08h00 (can be flexible for an exclusive charter) at the crewhouse for admin, coffee and muffins. A short briefing will follow after which the guests walk to the boat and depart for Seal Island which is an approximate 45 minute boat ride away. On arrival at the Island we usually first drive slowly around the Island so the guests can view and photograph the + - 50 000 strong Cape Fur Seal colony that resides on the rocky outcrop which is + - 500 meters long by 150 meters wide. After that, the captain will decide where to find the best anchor spot for the day. This is usually determined by the wind direction. The anchor is then put down, the cage gets put in the water and a minor scent trail which only consist of natural marine product is put into the water to try and draw sharks to the boat.

After everything is set, we kit the first guests up in diving equipment that we provide which consist of 5mm wet-suits, diving mask, booties, mask and snorkel.

The waiting period for the first shark to arrive can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 5 hours and anything inbetween. On arrival of the first shark/s, we put the first divers into the cage that is suspended on the water surface and tied right next to the boat. The actual time spent in the cage viewing the shark/s is usually determined by the natural behaviour of the shark/s. Some sharks stay for 1 minute, others stay for hours - and anything inbetween. The dive master at all times will hover just above the cage and will be in control to assist the divers with any possible matter that arises, such as exiting the cage for example.

DVD of day-trip

On request we can arrange to have a videographer on board to capture your experience of the day.

Water and weather conditions

During our winter season in False Bay, the water temperature stays fairly constant at + - 17 degrees Celsius, with visibility ranging between 5 and 20 meters. All our trips are weather dependent and it is solely the captains decision to call a trip off at any time shortly before, or at any time during the trip. Safety first.

Items you will need on the boat:
  • During our winter time in False Bay you will need:
  • Warm clothing jacket and or windbreaker
  • Swim suit (We provide towells)
  • Camera (We sell disposable underwater camera's)
  • If you are prone to motion sickness, please get sea-sick tablets beforehand, take one the nite prior and one again an hour before commencing with the trip.
2. Dyer Island - Gansbaai

Dyer Island is a small rocky island close to the fishing village of Gansbaai, on the Southern Cape coast of South Africa. The boat actually leaves from Kleinbaai; this is just outside the town of Gansbaai. Gansbaai is a two-hour drive away from Cape Town (180km).

How the day starts

We meet at 08h30 (depending on the tide for the day) for breakfast, after breakfast a short briefing about your trip out at sea and by 09h30 the boat launches

The day at sea

Arriving at the anchoring spot in 20-25 minutes. The anchor is put down, the cage goes into the water, a scent trail is laid and we wait for the sharks too arrive.

The rest of the day is spent watching, cage diving and enjoying the day. The trip out at sea between 4/5 hours.

The Cage Dive

The cage is suspended on the surface of the water right next to the boat. Once the sharks arrive and feel comfortable with the boat and cage in the water, the first divers get dressed into (5mm wet-suits, hoody, bootie, mask and weights) and slip into a 4 man cage, ready to see these magnificent animals face too face. The dive master standing above you on the boat, will let you know when the shark is within your viewing range to hold your breath and go down, your head is just below the surface of the water.


On request we can arrange to have a videographer on board to capture your experience of the day on either DVD or VHS.


All year round.

Water and weather conditions

The water temperature ranges from 12C - 16C. Visibility is usually 6-8 meters, but can go up to 12 -15 meters on a good day and down to 2-3 meters on a bad day.

Items you will need on the boat :
  • Warm jacket or windbreaker
  • Sun block
  • Cap or hat
  • Swim suit
  • Camera

Shark Cage Diving

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